On this page you will find a list of all the UA Local 396 Signatory Contractors. Below are buttons listed with the specific services offered by the contractors of UA Local 396. Each page contains lists of contractors who offer the labeled service.


Alcon Mechanical Inc.
Contact:George Poschner III
Address:P.O. Box 645
Niles, OH 44446
Phone:(330) 505-1704
Fax:(330) 505-1783

Antenucci, Inc.
Contact:Stephen H. Kuhn
Address:1493 Phoenix Road N.E.
Warren, 44483
Phone:(330) 372-4060
Fax:(330) 372-3641

Becdel Controls, Inc.
Contact:Kerry Beck
Address:6995 Willow Street
Hubbard, OH 44425

Conti Corporation
Contact:Lori MacLochlan
Address:527 West Wood Street
Lowellville, OH 44436
Phone:(330) 536-6241
Fax:(330) 536-8130

De-Cal, Inc.
Contact:Michael Montgomery
Address:1062 Ohio Works Drive
Youngstown, OH 44510
Phone:(724) 807-1021
Fax:(724) 807-1024

Eagle Mechanical LLC
Contact:Leesa Plaskett
Address:407 Steel Street
Youngstown, OH 44509
Phone:(330) 792-0444
Fax:(330) 792-0566

Evets, Inc.
Contact:Chris Jaskiewicz
Address:977 Tibbetts Wick Rd.
Girard, OH 44420
Phone:(330) 593-4044
Fax:(330) 539-4029

Hattenbach Company
Alt. Contact:Dennis
Address:52 East Myrtle Street
Youngstown, OH 44507
Phone:(330) 744-2732
Fax:(330) 744-3890

Johnson Controls, Inc.
Contact:Paul Barger
Address:1044 N. Meridian Rd. Suite A
Youngstown, OH 44509
Phone:(330) 270-4385
Fax:(330) 792-4944

M.S. Murcko LLC
Contact:Michael Murcko
Address:793 Wheatland Rd.
West Middlesex, PA 16159
Phone:(724) 528-9034
Fax:(330) 448-4687

McCarl's, Inc.
Contact:Barbara Sullivan
Address:1413 Ninth Avenue
Beaver Falls, PA 15010
Phone:(724) 843-5660
Fax:(724) 843-2793

Morrone Mechanical Inc.
Contact:Chris Morrone
Address:230 E. Liberty Street
Lowellville, OH 44436
Phone:(330) 536-8800
Fax:(330) 536-8070

Nolfi Plumbing
Contact:Anthony Nolfi
Alt. Contact:Michael Piccirillo
Address:7301 West Boulevard, Unit C-2
Boardman, OH 44512
Phone:(330) 758-0990
Fax:(330) 965-0230

Prout Boiler, Htg & Welding
Contact:Wesley C. Prout
Address:3124 Temple Street
Youngstown, OH 44510
Phone:(330) 744-0293
Fax:(330) 744-0717

Renick Brothers
Contact:Michael Renick
Address:434 Grove City Rd.
Slippery Rock, PA 16057
Phone:(724) 974-4200

Roth Bros., Inc.
Contact:Barb McHale
Address:P.O. Box 4209
Youngstown, OH 44515
Phone:(330) 793-5571
Fax:(330) 793-3111

Western Reserve Mechanical
Contact:Mark Leger
Address:3041 South Main Street
Niles, 44446
Phone:(330) 652-3888
Fax:(330) 652-6365