UA Local 396 -


493 Bev Road - Bldg 3 Telephone: (330) 758-4596
Boardman, Ohio 44512 Fax: (330) 758-4598


Business Manager: Butch Taylor 

Business Agent: Tim Callion 

Director of Pipe/Coordinator of Training: Marty Loney 

President: George Popovich 

Vice President: Brent Kelley 

Executive Committee Members: Brad Turnbull, AJ Burnett, Jim O’Hara and Mike Alfano 


The goals set for Local Union 396 Plumbers and Pipefitters is to build our strength by developing partnerships with our signatory contractors and businesses that have established interest for the future in our communities. These relationships will be maintained by working together for the cooperation of everyone’s best interest to ensure the United Association as a leader in the community. 


Building Relationships/Partnerships with Contractors/Owners/Chamber Relations (Business) 

  1. Working Relation with the Regional Chamber
    • Local Union 396 United Association has a seat on the Board of Directors and a position with their Economic Development 
  2. Contractors/Businesses Local Union Labor Management Cooperation Committee Program
    • Working together on events to promote each other’s goals including the YOUNG program, energy events that we have been partnered with and any other projects throughout the community.
  3. Standard for Excellence Committee Labor-Management
  4. Upgrade involvement with electronic media
    • Training video emailed to oil and gas
    • United Association video with businesses in commercial work
    • Web site includes photo of all events and training center

Training Skilled Workforce Development 

  1. Full time coordinator
    • Expansion of apprentices/journeymen training and certification programs. Programs include residential/light commercial and welding/industrial work.
    • State accredited residential/light commercial program and state accredited building trades program.
  2. Grant Involvement with State and Federal Government
    • Two grants were received: 1. Pathway to Trades grant ($230,000) for partnerships with city and vocational schools. 2. Oil and Gas Welding grant ($130,000) for partnership with Eastern Gateway Community College.
  3. Expanding into apprenticeship and diversity recruitment
    • High School through job shadowing on job sites and training center.
    • Technical and Trade Schools: Job fairs and outreach programs within the community. Welding offered in an open training facility to both vocational schools and community colleges. Local 396 has positions on Advisory Boards.
    • Helmets to Hard Hats/VIP Programs: meeting with the Armed Forces and military bases for outreach programs.
  4. Workforce Diversity Outreach (Pathway to Building Trades)
    • Education and opportunity to employment plan will seek out and address minorities and females into careers upgrading their skills in order to complete their academic goals for training and apprenticeship program in the Building Trades.
    • Local 396 on advisory boards of Metropolitan Housing Program/Youth Build Programs.
    • We have been involved with political leaders, church groups and organizations. Leadership meeting for recruitment purposes into our apprenticeship program.
  5. Marketing for positive resolution 

  6. Positive local media involvement/job site articles
    • At least one to three months we are in the news media where we appear with a positive message by press conference, paid event or invitation to both radio and television.
    • Direct marketing into business organizations of positive partnership. Business Journal (Chamber paper) published news articles of Local 396 that reaches out to 4,000 businesses. The PIPE ad adds the positives of Local 396 with our JATC training programs and certifications. It also lists our contractors and their contact numbers.
    • We used to broad cast our own radio show over five counties that covered topics of our training, political action and news events. It was very positive and produced a lot of opportunities.
    • Electronic media with training videos we send to supporters, businesses in the community, chamber and organizations. The involvement now includes API and EDI in the oil and gas industry.
    • Outreach direct involvement with small and large projects in the area. Pre meetings, tripartite meetings when the project is working. After the project we continue to meet and review.
  7. Political Action 

    • Strong relationship ties with our political leaders that support labor in the cities, counties, state and federal government. Issues are exchanged of the needs of one another.
    • Promote our training programs and promote leadership classes with our local union.
    • Placing our union members in positions such as inspections in both plumbing and HVAC, school boards, trustees or any local government positions.
    • Developing bid criteria, project labor agreements and responsible contractor language in city and county government.
      • YMHA Residential Project: under PLA
      • YSU/Colleges: many PLA
      • Mahoning County: County wide PLA
      • Warren Youngstown Bid Criteria/responsible contractor language
      • Plus many more