UA Local 396 - Training Center

The JATC of Local 396 has outlined a rigorous five year Apprentice Training Program that leads to Building Trades Journeyman status. This consists of 246 hours per year of related technical instruction.

Each apprentice works during the day (when available) and attends school at night. We strive to have the best-trained workers; therefore, attendance and proficiency exams are closely monitored.

Some of the classes are as follows:
Unionism, Trade-Related Mathematics, Science, Plumbing Code, Blueprint Reading, Safety, Use & Care of Tools, Hydronics, Pumps, Mechanical Drawing

The "hands-on" portion of our training is given in our beautiful 17,500 square foot training facility. This includes Welding, Medical Gas, HVAC-R, Plumbing, Hydronics, AutoCad, and Basic Electricity.

The United Association (UA) has many different certifications that can be achieved through our certified UA Weld Testing Agency. Stick, Tig, Mig and Brazing are just a few of the certifications offered. There are currently 72 different weld techniques that each member can certify in, giving our signatory contractors the most educated, well-rounded and skilled tradesman. The contractors therefore have every advantage in completing each job on time and under budget.

Local 396 offers journeyman classes to all of our members. We understand that our trade is always evolving and we must stay on top of industry practices. A sampling of journeyman classes offered includes: Medical Gas Certification and Recertification, Backflow Certification and Recertification, Plumbing Code Review, Pumps, Welding, First Aid/CPR, OSHA 10 & 30.

Your exciting new career in the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry will include comprehensive class and shop work.

Some of the classes that are required are as follows

• Unionism
• Pipe Trade Mathematics
• Related Science
• Job Safety and Health
• Rigging and Signalingg
• Plan Reading
• CAD Classes
• Welding
• Soldering and Brazing
• Basic Electricity
• Hydronic Heating
• Steam Heating
• Plumbing

Apprenticeship, Journeymen Training Program

Journeymen and apprentices are trained at the Local 396 state of the art training facility and Local 396 business office located at:

493 Bev Road - Building 3
Boardman, Ohio 44512

Local 396 Computer Room use for Construction Sites

Local 396 journeymen and apprentices have the opportunity to use computers for creating design layouts, assembly drawings and parts/materials schedules.

The three dimensional program helps designers and apprentices to engineer the layouts of piping somatic and also to compare individual details to ensure nothing interferes with the layouts. Computers aid in the fabrication, welding and the specification of components with values and designs of pump housings.

Through the software, apprentices are taught job estimation and project management, ensuring that they will have the ability to rely on the latest telecommunication equipment. Technicians use many different kinds of electronic testing and diagnostic equipment for the UA work of the future.

UA Local 396 Training

Journeymen/Apprentice Coordinator: Marty loney

Instructors: Dave Beaver, Doug Bishop, Mark Fretwell, Bill Galla, Don Jessop, Tony Nolfi, Bob Semko, and Don Viano.

The training facility is open year round with classes taught by journeymen who have gone through the UA Instructor Training Program held yearly at Washtenaw College in Arm Arbor, Michigan. All apprentices and journeymen can receive certifications as follows:
• Plumbing license
• UA Welders (certified)
• UA 51 Brazing
• Med Gas license
• Backflow Certification
• CFC Certification
• OSHA Training
• First Aid Training

The JATC has formulated a rigorous 5 year apprenticeship training program that leads to building trades journeyman, a professional craftsman who meets the needs of our signatory contractors and clients.

Apprenticeship Program Requirements

Basic qualifications for application into Local 396's apprentice program:
• Must be at least 18 years of age. Picture ID required.
• High school graduate or adequate proof or equivalent educational attainment.
• Transcripts of grades required.
• Must be a resident of Columbiana, Mahoning or Trumbull County.
• Must take test as prescribed by the JATC committee. These may included tests by the Ohio State Employment Service.
• Personal interview by the committee.
• Applicants selected for our program will be required to take a physical examination and drug test by a     physician approved by the Joint Apprenticeship Committee.

Upon being accepted into the program apprentices will follow a course curriculum consisting of a combination of Class room instruction, lab work, and on the job training. Classes include backflow, welding in stick, mig, and tig, medical gas and brazing certification, basic electricity, HVAC controls, moth and science in the piping field, plan drawing, blue print reading and recently installed computerized classroom and laboratory which will become an integral part of our training. This facility will introduce apprentices to the fundamentals of CAD (Computerized aided drawing).

These courses are also offered to any current local 396 member who wishes to upgrade his/her skills. Our goal is to provide our signatory contractors with highly trained and efficient mechanics who can get the job done in a timely manner and under budget.

The brothers and sisters working in local 396 jurisdiction are proud to know they are making a good living and are able to support their families and contribute back to the local community in which they live.

Training Facility

Our facility is second to none!!

17,500 Square Feet including:

• Weld Shop
• Plumbing Shop
• HVAC Shop
• Computer lab and 6 Class Rooms

We have the finest instructors to teach all of the aspects of the Plumbing/Pipefitting and Refrigeration Fields.

Benefits and Wages

Earn in excess of up to $52,000 per year, based on current Journeyman Hourly rate at 2000 hours per year.

Benefits Include:
• local Pension
• International Pension
• Health Care
• Annuity

Training Center Events

There are currently no scheduled events.